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Dave Taylor: This Is Boogie Woogie!


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Dave Taylor: Nordic Dream


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Dave Taylor: Midnight Tone


Dave Taylor: Songs From The Other Side


Dave Taylor and The Drapes: Taylor-made for Rock


Dave Taylor: Big Band Boogie & Jive

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There are still a few Billion people around the world who have not experienced Rockin Dave's Show at Midnight Rock every Thursday night at 8pm (ish).


I would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate what you have been missing:


Firstly, Rockin Dave, Owner, Manager, Entertainer, Mamasan, Beer tester and General Dogsbody.



Rockin Dave, relaxing with one of his dancers. (I didn't know she was the security guard's wife, honestly)!


Rockin Dave, always happy to give advice to newbies to the Philippines.



Rockin Dave, always keeping the customers enthralled and rivetted to their seats with entertaining anecdotes of his life in the music business.



Behind the scenes, Rockin Dave ensures all public safety measures are strictly enforced.



Rockin Dave will bend over backwards to keep his customers happy.




"What do you mean, You don't like Rock & Roll"!!


Rockin Dave spares no expense in keeping his European musical guests in the most luxurious accommodation that Angeles City has to offer.




Rockin Dave always offers his shoulders in support of his girls. Picking them when they are down.



Even giving free piano lessons to the dancers.



A place where the dancers can get things off their chest, Whilst Rockin Keeps abreast of things at all times.



And where else could you see Elvis on stage in the Philippines.



A place where customers can dance the night away.


Whilst still keeping the more reserved customers happy and contented.


Oh, and don't forget our daily drink specials.




Admit it! Isn't it about time you came to see what all the fuss is about?




Just one thing....



(The audience at Rockin Dave's performance at Barcelona in 1986)


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