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On May 30th 1984, Rockin Dave, in addition to performing his own concerts, began touring with Screaming Lord Sutch. An association that would last until Lord Sutch’s Death in 1999.

Also on May 30th, a solar eclipse occurred, although I’m not sure what the connection there is.

Rockin Dave will be performing at Midnight Rock Bar this Thursday May 30th at 8pm (ish).



Rockin Dave on stage in 1985 with Screamin' Lord Sutch

Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages (1984-1985)

  • Dave Sutch (lead vocals)
  • Chris Black (lead guitar)
  • Wayne King (bass)
  • Dave "Rockin" Taylor (keyboards)
  • Chris Gent (tenor saxophone)
  • Ricky Bainbridge (tenor saxophone)
  • Wild Bob Burgos (drums)


Screamin' Lord Sutch wrote the liner notes to one of my CDs: "Still Rockin in the Same Ol'  Way".


"My path first crossed with Dave Taylor's in the mid-70s. We played at many of the same venues - rock'n'roll clubs,

working men's clubs and festivals in England and Europe. I remember Dave caught my attention as a talented young pianist/singer who, like myself, added some gimmicks to his stage appearances. He didn't just 'tinkle on the ivories', he hammered the keys to death, played the piano with his feet, chopped it to pieces and even set fire to it on stage. And they call me a Raving Loony!

In April 1985 I was the compere of the famous Piano Battle staged in Weymouth between Dave and Freddie 'Fingers' Lee, (which Dave won - I might add!) I will never forget this match - the audience took away any tiny pieces left over from the pianos! Throughout the 80s and 90s, I have quite often appeared on the same bill with Dave, even playing together in Helsinki, where I was taken over by Dave to perform at Kaivopuisto, a massive outside musical extravaganza.

Over the past four decades, I have worked with some of the best in the business - Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts, Jeff Beck. Dave, in my opinion, as a musician and showman, falls in the same category with these top guys."


Screamin’ Lord Sutch
April 1999"




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