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Dave Taylor has somehow been part of my life for the last 30 years or so. Dave had been playing in various rock'n'roll bands since the early 1970s but, for me, it all started in 1976, when Dave was a member of The Hellraisers, one of the top rock’n’roll bands that performed at the legendary Pickett’s Lock Festival in May 1976. A festival that embodied the British rockabilly boom of the mid to late 1970s. We released the best of the live recordings from Pickett’s Lock on a Charly compilation album entitled "Rock’n’Roll is still alive", which sold in excess of 100,000 copies. This album included a track called "Dim Light Boogie", written by the young pianist in the Hellraisers, Dave Taylor.

Dave’s unmistakeable rocker's image and considerable musical talent was soon recognised in rock’n’roll circles, especially after his recording of
"Cadillac Car", which narrowly failed to turn into a big crossover top 40 hit.

As long as I've known him, Dave Taylor has been a true citizen of the world, rocking his audiences in Holland, France, Germany Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Japan, Macao, the USA, Canada and any other nation I might not be aware of. Yet, Dave always came home from his musical adventures, surprising me with a visit upon his return, that invariably included an English pint or three.

Dave’s musical orientation betrays his eclectic taste. His favourite musicians include piano players like Merrill Moore, Freddie Slack, Count Basie and Neville Dickie, pedal steel player Speedy West and guitarists Jimmy Bryant and Barney Kessel, saxophonists Earl Bostic, Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet, and trumpeter/vocalist Louis Prima.

Dave’s talent to entertain a broad audience made him my obvious choice to provide the music for my 50th birthday party. I hope to share his company and champagne for many years to come. Here’s to Dave Taylor, a rocker through and through.

Joop Visser, August 2006


Joop Visser
at Midnight Rock

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Rockin Dave - Mister Boogie Woogie -Midnight Rock